(Im)mortal is an art film and trailer for the fantasy game Marmortal. It is telling the story of a society where people live an immortal life but are morally declining because of it. This overly satisfied society is reflected in the extravagance and unpracticality of the costumes.
Photography by Laura Stromp
Producer: Adam Streicher
Line producer: Fiona Mortimer
Unit manager: Cornelius Kreuzwirth
Art direction: Virpi Väinöla
Director: Tim Brückmann
DOP: Adam Streicher
Szenography: Julian Schulz
Costume: Lea Simon & Kristin Jakubek
Hair/ Make-Up: Mumtaz Meeran
Gaffer: Lasse Frobese
Vfx: Valentin Bolte
Talent: Ann Ayano, Elisabeth Biegai, Laura Stromp, Klaus Koeppe, Kai Crombach
Clothing by: Kostümkollektiv, UY Studio, Luise Zucker, Naomi Taraz, Elea Jenner. Lego Sky 
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