The contemporary dance piece "on her shoulders" is a powerful mixture of contemporary dance that explores the paradoxes and limits of the world of work and consumption. Seven dancers and one singer dive into the mind of a supermarket cashier, searching for the human being in a de-individualized system. 
Although those workers are fundamental for our stystem, they are often overlooked and almost invisible to the consumers.
The costumes reflect this paradox represented in the net. On one hand a net can only work if all parts in it are connected on the other hand you can easily get stuck within it. While invisible in the beginning, it shows more and more with the rising rage of the protagonists.
My process began with the exploration of shapes, colors and materials from supermarkets. I translated repeating lines, shimmering surfaces, bright accents and transparent materials into contemporary looks made of layers, sheer fabrics, mesh structures and reflective elements. The goal was to represent multiple looks with just one outfit. I found the solution in experimenting with pleats, zippers and special pattern constructions.
photography by Marie Pietruschka
production by visitors
concept by Finja Kelpe
choreography by Finja Kelpe & Arianna Di Palma
art direction by Verena Eccardt
artistic director Danosch Maghsudi
dancers: Arianna Di Palma, Chiara Martorana, Finja Kelpe, Julia Sikell Arnet,
Maren Wittig, Marie Höhne, Roosa Sofia Nichamo, Vanessa Wütherich
singer: Carolina Walker
costumes by Lea Simon
music by 11:68pm
1st producer Paul Kalvelage
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