They come searching. Searching for the freedom to be themselves. Yearning for the liberty to express their true essence. Craving an alternative existence. Their query drives them out of their homes, into this black hole of a city.

Destined to find solace in the diversity that surrounds them. Isn’t it beautiful: the obscure, the darkness, the fleeting connections, the filthiness?
The attractiveness of this place. The allure of its citizens. It eludes the limited understanding of those looking for scripted life designs. But is this perceived oddity not just another expression of the same script directed by R. W. Fassbinder? In the end, do we long for singularity or do we strive for the comfort of belonging?"
Creative Direction & Production: Lea Simon @__leasimon
Photography: Sonia Sivkova @ssivkova
Styling: Joana Zibat @joanazibat
Makeup: Naomzz @naomzz
Hair: Tina Pachta @tina__pachta
Casting Direction: Elli Brandauer @ledixieme
Light: Sasha Kushakov @kushakovv
Cast: Gigi @gigi.spelsberg, Muriel @murielseiquer, Yvette @user01011001
Makeup Assistant: Mariya Madzharova @mariyaavm
Hair Assistant: Mickael Ambrosino @mikael_ambrosino _hair
Production Assistant: Alina Cherubin @alina__cherubin, Yuan Ovando @attackdecay
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