In an intensive 2-day Identity Creation Workshop I provide the tools to define a strong and coherent brand identity consistent with your personal values and translate this identity into a unique visual Language.
for whom

For purpose driven entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers or artists who want to build a strong and unique brand. *No worries, you don't have to be a marketing expert to take this workshop. 
clarity for you and your customers
. ensures brand recognition
. essential to build strong emotional customer relationships
. strong foundation for growth and expansion
. easy onboarding of future employees and business partners
. simple and fast communication with third parties

. an introduction to branding and all its components
. your why
. refined brand personality (vision, mission, values)
. a tool kit to develop unique visual language
. a set of guidelines that can be applied to all your communication channels
. a digital workbook that can be reused in case of pivot
. a handbook for digital tools, apps, websites, designers, content producers etc.
. autonomy through knowledge
. learn how to communicate design to cut design costs in the long run
about me

Over the last 5 years I've been building up several businesses from the sheer idea to solid brand experiences. I believe that only if you can truly be yourself, you and your business will reach their full potential. Therefore I set out to create save spaces that nurture comfort and transmit positivity to inspire personal and professional growth. Having worked for several start ups, I know that the development of your CI is often not the number one task on your to do list – especially in terms of budget. Yet without those basic guidelines, it will make it hard for you to communicate your message in a clear and coherent way and differentiate your business within your competitive market.

Day 1: Turn inwards – definition of Brand Core
Day 2: Step outwards – translation of brand concept into visual starting points
Duration: 2 days (á 4 hours)
Costs: 300€
Max. Participants: 6
Langauge: English/German
Location: Berlin (TBD)
also bookable as private workshop
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