In an intensive 2-day Identity Creation Workshop 
you'll learn how to define a strong and coherent brand identity
and how to translate this identity into a unique visual Language.

For entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers and artists 
who want to build a strong and unique brand.
‣ clarity for you and your customers
‣ ensures brand recognition
‣ essential to build strong emotional customer relationships
‣ strong foundation for growth and expansion
‣ easy onboarding of future employees and business partners
‣ simple and fast communication with third parties

‣ an introduction to branding and all its components
‣ your why
‣ refined brand personality (vision, mission, values)
‣ a digital workbook to help you develop your visual language 
‣ a handbook with lifehacks every designer should know
‣ be able to communicate design to cut design costs in the long run
about me

I am Lea, Brand Designer and Creative Director based in Berlin. Throughout my career I’ve worked in different start ups, started my own creative studio and came in contact with many solo - artists and creatives. One common obstacle I saw recurring for all those different business types was the need to define their brand identity and visual language. Yet, this mostly was left undone, due to limited capacities and financial resources. With my background in brand development, I decided to tackle this problem by designing this workshop. My aim is to create a save space in which everyone is invited to exchange knowledge to incite professional and personal growth.

"Having grown from a start up to a established label, many ideas about our brand developed in the process. The workshop helped us organize our thoughts and structure them into a clear brand vision."
- Fritz Sturm, CEO @ Arys GmbH
"Especially if you are a solo entrepreneur, it can be difficult to know where to start. The workshop gave me a solid foundation and a clear direction from which I can continue building up my brand."
- Erika Jonasson, Fashion Designer
"The workshop not only helped us clarify what’s at the core of our service. Moreover, it drew a picture of our individual roles within the team and how those unique characteristics shape our business."

- Arne Spremberg, Founder @backendforth
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