In her song 'Frei', the Iranian - German artist explores the concept of freedom and liberation. The costumes build a strong, feminine and dramatic character that transforms into a more dreamy and fluid silhouette, restrained yet freed from the literal ties wrapped around the body.

Artist:  ft. Anton Weil 
Songwriting: Tamara Güclü, Song Production: Jan Eric Markert, Moritz Heesch, Song Mastering: Typhoon, Consulting: Florian Pongs 
Director: Vanessa Schefke, Theresa Schmitz
DoP: Sebastian Beyrer
Photographer: Alexander Kilian
Editor: Simon Klinkertz
Online Editor: Troy Levin
Colourist: Ben Packer
Production Co.: BONAPARTE
Executive Producer: Oliver Marquardt
Producer: Kay Richter
Production Coordinator: Leandra Muckel
1st AD: Michael Gugger
1st AC: Belek Wunderlich
2nd AC / DIT: Amir Naumann
Gaffer: Alex Kain
LED Drone Pilot:, Robert Alex, Max Raschke
Styling: Lea Simon
Hair & Make-up: Rafa Delgado
Set PA: Noura Salifu
Set PA / Playback Op.: Marco Piana
Genny Op.: Marcel Handke
Teaser Editor: Troy Levin
Equipment by: See You Rent
Prosecco Dept.: Nico Kreis, Bos Nooij, Philip Töpfer
Special Thanks: UY Studio, Perlensau, Anekdot, TINDI, WildBerlin, Initiative Musik, Prosecco Dept,

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