ACG Evolution is a re-branding strategy, which leverages the label as a high level marketing tool to strengthen Nike’s position in pioneering sustainable innovation by launching a radical product innovation, the Oxyfy collection. With this project I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.


To enhance human performance, we need to improve the conditions of our playing field. ACG understands that strengths not only arises from the athlete, but is linked to the environment they’re moving in. Inspired by natures interdependencies, ACG Evolution rethinks garments as ecosystems that enable synergy between the human body and his/her environment. By connecting the athlete to the elements, rather than solely protecting from them, ACG uses the power of nature to accelerate the athlete’s performance and the condition of their territory.
product design

16 breaths per minute. 960 breaths an hour.
23,040 breaths a day. Limitless power?

In the urban space, clean air has become a rarity. With 50 000 early deaths alone in the UK, pollution has become one of the biggest health risks in the world’s metropoles. ACG aims to improve this crucial condition in order to unleash the full potential for optimum performance in the urban space. Therefore, the brand launch collection introduces an air purifying textile technology – the Breath. 
The Oxify collection is inspired by the most essential micro processes on earth – the oxygen production of plants and their symbiosis with the human breath.
launch campaign

The city is your playing field. But the outdoors is your initial force. Use nature’s power to progress. Create synergy to reinforce the streets. Evolve together with your environment - as you breathe.
To give an overview of how the campaign elements come to life on the different brand channels I created launch assets and a video and gave advise on how to roll out the campaign.

To identify the brands opportunities, I investigated the market & current consumer trends. Based on my findings I remodelled the brand's communication strategy, in terms of concept and visual identity.
To illustrate the new direction, I focused on developing a launch collection, for which I got inspired by the oxygen symbiosis between the human and plant. 
Believing that nature is the most advanced designer, I reimagined a way in which our clothing act as part of an ecosystem between us and our surroundings.
To create the collection my first step was to observe plants and their leaf structures, forms and functionalities. I then translated those into organic shapes, innovative textures and biomimicry inspired functions.
concept book
concept book
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