As the cologne based Tattoo Studio moved into their new location, I was asked to redesign their Identity and their new studio space.

As tattooing today is far more than pure craftsmanship, the space was designed to highlight the artists work as work of art. The minimalistic and clean design focuses on three main materials, concrete, acrylic and steel, reminiscent of contemporary art galleries. Greek statues, augmented as 'canvases of the body', display the artist's work and relate back to traditional tattoo salons.

After I re-designed the studio's identity I translated Society Ink's new personality to form and material. 
Organic statues and translucent acrylic glass balance out the solid constructions made from concrete and industrial steel. 

The main focus in the design process was to create little cabins to ensure compliance with current Corona restrictions. To ensure the spacious and minimalistic look, I designed a divider which guarantees privacy, yet doesn't visually narrows the room.  Plexiglass sheets, carrying abstract designs made by the artists shield from outside views, yet letting in enough daylight. Big, slidable mirrors, which serve as doors to each cabin, help to visually amplify the studio's space.
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